Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Review: Luxury Trip Girl

As you know, I love luxury hotels. From the finest linens, softest pillows, most comfortable robes and wonderful room service, I am a sucker for 5 star accommodations. As I will explain here in my Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Review, the Grand Hyatt does not disappoint! It is centered right in the middle of the action and is exceptionally well priced for the room!

Grand Hyatt Singapore Review


Admittedly, I teetered between a four and a five star rating when deciding how to peg this hotel in my Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel review. Below, I will explain why so that those of you reading this and considering a trek to Singapore can make your own decisions. There are other nearby hotels, like the Marriott one block away, that you may wish to consider as well as many boutique and Marina hotels.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Review: Low Season!

I came during the low season in May. I used points for my stay, which amounted to 27,000 points per night for a club king. This is a terrific rate for this hotel.  I arrived quite late on a Friday night from Phuket.


Check-in was efficient, as you’ll come to expect in Singapore…. land of efficiency! So many details in this country are tech friendly and expedited. (A side note .. Singaporeans are the fastest walking people in the world – true story!)

Office! My Home Away From Home

Despite using points to book my stay, the hotel upgraded my room to a larger corner room with a desk and living area so divine I wouldn’t mind working here a good part of the year. The desk area was as good or better than I am used to at home.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Review

There was a very well stocked mini bar fridge (minus Red Bull… too bad) in the room. The rooms are showing their age however, particularly on the flooring in the bathroom. The technology in the room is excellent. Two fast USB chargers graced the bedside presence, there is plenty of lighting (and light from the windows), and of course the expected hard bed in Asia. I asked housekeeping to put an extra featherbed on top of the mattress to soften things up a bit.

The room features great robes and pillows – must haves! The high speed Internet was the best I’ve experienced in Asia. The room provides lots of spaces to lay out those frustrating hardshell suitcases that require both sides be supported.

Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel Review
Location Location Location

This hotel is truly in the heart of shopping central in the city. It will still take you a short 10 minutes to get to the Marina and taxis are fairly inexpensive. It will cost you more if you hail a cab in the middle of the street than if you use designated taxi stands due to the surcharge for street pickup. Expect to pay roughly $15US to get to the Marina and about $7 to get to the Orchard Garden. But the shopping.. did I mention that? Divine.

Skip the Club

Next time, I would skip the club. Perhaps this fact alone should push the hotel down to four stars. The club does not have computers to print necessities or a decent business center. Breakfast is beyond terrible; ditto for the 5pm cocktail hour. After coming here from the hotel/club in Bangkok, I was sorely disappointed. The club is too jampacked and the staff is anything but friendly. They don’t have computers to print anything, and the breakfast is beyond terrible. After having come from the club in the Bangkok location, it was a sore disappointment. Go to Scotts Square 3rd floor and check out Wild Honey for breakfast all day long. They have incredibly unique dishes and I ate there twice!

Wild Honey Singapore












Wild Honey

Why the 5 Stars?

So why 5 stars instead of 4? The room, the service at the front desk, bellman and taxi line, the technology, efficiency, the incredible central location, good view, a very comfortable pool (with technology to order drinks with a button), tennis courts if that’s your thing, and some hidden gems like the bar restaurant by the pool make this 5 star in my view. The size of the room didn’t hurt either – it was marvelously large!

Overall, as you can tell from my Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel review, this is an exceptional hotel with wonderful accommodations in the heart of everything. This luxury world traveler will be back!

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