Women Traveling Alone to the Emirates – Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Story & Tips!

In the Fall of 2015, I took a trip to the Middle East, starting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and traveling through many parts of Jordan (details in another post!) The most common question I am asked is not, “did you enjoy it?” or “what was your favorite part?”. Counter to common belief, women traveling alone to the Emirates can have an enjoyable and wonderful trip!

Sadly, the most frequently asked question was “weren’t you afraid? Especially alone?” One of the first things you’ll notice when chatting with “locals” is most aren’t local at all, but expats who never left. That removes a bit of the cultural aspect, but there is still plenty to see. Continue reading “Women Traveling Alone to the Emirates – Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Story & Tips!”

Hello World!

I am a spirited woman seeking culture and insight about people through travel. My goal is to combine authentic cultural experiences with luxurious accommodations, while not spending a fortune doing it.

Many people choose not to travel until they are retired. I want to see the world while I am young enough to enjoy it in good health and with time left to share what I learn with my daughter and fellow wanderlust travelers.

I am a free-flowing traveler… While I tend to book my trips in advance, I also change an itinerary on a whim if I feel a pull to do so. 🙂 I get great fulfillment and perspective through learning language, talking with locals and breaking bread with new local friends. I also appreciate coming back to my luxury room, seeking out great massage, fine linens, great shopping, a comfortable robe, a soft down pillow and terrific service.

I am a business owner and Professor, so high-speed Internet and working on the road is a must. I earn my living about 30% of the year from somewhere other than home.

To live is to see; to travel is to see more.